www.cowin.gov.in is CoWIN portal where you can register & log into the CoWIN account using the link cowin.gov.in and also download CoWIN vaccine certificate.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to do Cowin registration and how to get a Cowin certificate through the Cowin portal website or apps like Umang, Aarogya Setu, and Digi locker App.

How do I Register on Cowin Portal?

  1. Using your PC, go to www.cowin.gov.in on your browser.
  2. Click on Register/Sign In button on top right corner.
  3. You will be redirect to another link https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in.
  4. Enter your Mobile Number in the box.
  5. Click on Get OTP.
  6. Enter the OTP sent on your mobile.
  7. Click Verify & Proceed.
  8. Now you book your slot for vaccination.
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Document Required for register on CoWIN portal using any of the below ID proofs:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Driving License
  3. PAN Card
  4. Passport
  5. Pension Passbook
  6. NPR Smart Card
  7. Voter ID (EPIC)
  8. Unique Disability ID (UDID)
  9. Ration Card

What is www.cowin.gov.in?

Cowin (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) offers a government-owned online portal that permits COVID-19 vaccination registration. The Indian government is faced with the difficult task of vaccinating 1.3 billion individuals. Presently, three vaccines are available within this portal Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V.

cowin.gov.in allows users to sign up for vaccination slots during the day or a day in advance using an online Cowin portal, or Aarogya Setu and UMANG App. The Cowin portal was developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and is completely monitored by the government.

You can also join the Cowin portal and get vaccinated, even if you are a citizen of another country or a Non-Resident-Indian (NRI). The system will verify your vaccination background history along with your data. After that, you can connect your passports to certificates issued by the government to get vaccinated in India.

Guidelines for CoWIN portal:

  1. To register yourself on the CoWIN website go to https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/
  2. Sign up for vaccination by entering the phone number in this column
  3. The website will send you an OTP for verification. You can also log in with your Aarogya Setu Account
  4. Tap on Register for vaccine Select your photo ID (e.g. Voters ID, Aadhar Card)
  5. Enter the Photo ID number and select your name.
  6. After entering all information, click Register.
  7. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be asked where you live to get your next vaccine.
  8. Choose your time slot depending on availability. You can choose to either select the morning or afternoon slot.
  9. Once you have booked a slot, you’ll receive a message via your registered number.
  10. Make sure you bring your Photo ID (Aadhar) to the vaccine center.

How can I login Cowin portal to download the Vaccination Certificate?

It’s best to go to Cowin’s Official portal run by the Department to get the vaccination. The following guideline is provided in the following order:

  • Go to the official website www.cowin.gov.in and complete the registration process.
  • After registration, sign in using your details.
  • Log in to your account using the credentials that you registered on your mobile, and follow the instructions to create a one-time passcode or OTP given to that number.
  • After logging into your account, a button is available that allows you to download your Vaccine Certificate.
  • Click the download button to download the vaccination certificate.

Once you have completed your 2nd Vaccination date, the portal will notify you through the registered numbers. A user can follow the same process to get a fully vaccinated certificate.

How to do registration for Book Vaccination?

It is possible to choose among the various identity cards for Cowin registration such as Aadhar, Voter id, Pan card, Passport, etc. After registration through the Cowin portal, you can select your time and slot for vaccination. In return, you’ll be provided with the four-digit security code as proof of your identity. Here are the steps to proceed with Cowin registration.

  • Visit Cowin portal official webpage, i.e.,https://www.Cowin.gov.in/
  • Click the register button; fill up your contact details, and make sure that you register your mobile number.
  • If you’ve already signed up, then log in again, and you’ll receive your OTP (one-time-password) on your mobile phone via SMS. Enter the OTP to sign into the Cowin portal.
  • Enter the location, district, and state information. You can add the pin code of the nearest vaccination office in your area.
  • Once you’ve completed, you’ll look up all nearby vaccination centres and slots. The system will show vaccination centres’ details and the names of the available vaccines for jabs.
  • Click the green slot for preference, Select a time slot, and confirm the reservation.
  • Citizens can select the vaccination place based on their preference.
  • You will receive a four-digit security code as a text message to the mobile number. You’ll need this code to authenticate your booking at the vaccination centre. It is possible to download your appointment slip once the appointment is confirmed.
  • After being immunized, sign in to the Cowin portal for your vaccination certificate.

How to download the Cowin app?

The users can download the Cowin app directly via the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.” Cowin app” can provide real-time monitoring of vaccine-related issues like registration, issuance of certificates, and registration of vaccine canters. The system has a 360-degree platform with a user-friendly interface; that has been designed to scale up Covid -19 vaccination strategy.

How can I get Cowin certificate?

The COVID Vaccine Certificate (CVC) ensures that a third person knows about the progress of your vaccination program or the due date for your next Vaccination dosage. It also serves as proof to any organization that might require vaccination, especially in the case of international travel.

In these situations, the Cowin app comes with security features that guarantee the validity of the certificates, which can also be validated electronically using certified tools through the Co-WIN portal.

The Vaccination Centre is responsible for creating your certificate and maintaining it following the vaccination day. You can download vaccination certificate from the Co-WIN portal or use Aarogya Setu or Digi-Locker.

How do I download my Vaccine Certificate using Aarogya Setu App?

The users of the Aarogya Setu App are designed to keep track of Covid patients. It is one of the most effective interfaces to alert users of any potential dangers regarding Covid. Nearly everyone has seen the app, and you can also use it to obtain a Vaccine Certificate.

  • Launch your Aarogya Setu app,
  • You can sign up using your mobile number and click the Cowin tab at the upper right-hand part of your screen.
  • You must enter the 13-digit reference ID.
  • Click download and receive a certificate of vaccination.

Download Covid Vaccination Certificate using the Aadhar Number?

You can download your vaccination Certificate with the help of your Aadhar Number. Many users face issues while downloading the Vaccine Certificate online. The Vaccinate Certificate is available via various apps operated through government agencies. Here is a step-by-step guide for downloading the Vaccination Certificate using the Aadhar number.

To download your vaccination certificate through Aadhar, you need to have Digilocker. The government authorities in charge of the administration manage Digilocker as an online digital vault. The app will search for various documents such as driving licenses, education certificates, health certificates, and more linked to Aadhar. The procedure is:-

  • Download the Digilocker app via the Store.
  • After that, you can complete the registration procedure by providing personal information such as name and date, birth date, mobile number, Aadhar number, etc.
  • After registration, visit the Ministry of Family Health and Welfare (MoHFW) official website.
  • Click the link to download a Vaccination Certificate. Enter the 13 digit reference number, and you can download your certificate.

All information is linked to Aadhar, so you should not have issues obtaining the certificate.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, one can change the date of their appointment before the vaccination. If you do not receive a vaccination on the date of your appointment, you can reschedule your appointment by clicking on the “Reschedule” option.

You may also alter your appointment to a different date or time slot of your convenience. But, you cannot change an appointment that has already been set.

How to Share Your Vaccination Status?

  1. Visit CoWIN Official link https://www.cowin.gov.in/ using mobile or PC browser.
  2. Click on Share Your Status button.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Enter your full name
  5. Click Get OTP
  6. Enter OTP sent on your Mobile number.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Copy the share link .
  9. Now you can share on any social media platform.

How do you fix mistakes in the CoWIN Certificate?

  1. Log into the CoWIN Portal using your account number and mobile number.
  2. Click on the “Raise an Issue” option, select the profile for the individual who is the certificate holder for whom corrections are needed.
  3. Choose the” Correction of Certificate”
  4. However, a user can make changes only to some topics: name, birth date, gender, date of birth, and ID numbers.
  5. After you click on “Continue and submit”, You’ll receive an email notifying you that your request has been successfully submitted and is currently in process.

After the request has been approved, you can download the updated certificate. If there’s still an issue, you could at any time contact directly at the CoWIN portal official.

How can I contact the Cowin portal?

The numbers below are available, and you can contact any of these numbers.
Helpline Contact email: support@Cowin.gov.in
Technical Helpline Number: 0120-4473222
Contact Number for Helpline: +91-11-23978046 (Toll-free- 1075)

India managed to keep the lowest mortality and positivity rate, with the best recovery rate worldwide during the entire outbreak. We hope you enjoyed reading this article on www.cowin.gov.in. Also, we hope now you have a clear idea of how to do Cowin registration? Please be aware as Third-wave can test us to our limits with Omicron cases on the rise for the past few days. Remember, vaccination is our only shield and hope against COVID-19.

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