Why Harry Potter Quiz is so Popular?

Harry Potter fans desire to join the GRYFFINDOR house, but this is not possible for all the join Harry’s house, houses in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Houses are alloted on special traits of each person. This quiz will help you find the most suitable house )GRYFFINDOR, SLYTHERIN, HUFFLEPUFF AND RAVENCLAW)  that you would get alloted to… answers the questions and find out.

These houses carry a legendary history with themselves and each has a legacy of it’s own. Four greatest wizards who ever lived Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff  who were the founding members of these houses and the personality associated with them. These houses are tagged onto you wizardly name forever.

Harry Potter Quiz

This SORTING HAT QUIZ tells about your personality and qualities for each house like courage, wisdom, loyalty, amibition or smartness. Let’s know about these houses before getting ready to let the quiz tell you your most suitable house


The house represents fire and shows thepersonality trait of determinition, nerve, boldness and bravery. Gryffindors always put forth for a noble cause and stand for what is right or wrong. Motto: “Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart”. Some notable Harry Potter Gryffindor characters are: Hermoine granger,Harry potter, Weasley family, Neville Longbottom.


The house represents water and shows the personailty traits of  cunning, ambitious and resourcefullness. Slytherins are said to be the most evil as most sinister witches and wizards belong to this one. Motto: “ You will make real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends”. Some notable Harry Potter Slytherin characters are : Voldemort, Snape, Bellatrix, Draco Malfoy.


The house represents Earth and shows the personality traits of fair, calm, loyalty and hardwork. They are determined and have a soild moral compass to do right thing and stand with you. Motto: “ You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal those patient Hufflepuff’s are true and unafraid of toil.” Some notable Harry Potter characters in Hufflepuff are: Bridget Wenlock, Cedric Doggery, Fat Friar.


This house represents Air and shows the personality traits of intelligence, wisdom and wit. They are the most talented and academically students. Motto: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” Some notable Harry Potter characters are: Luna Lovewood, Michael Corner, Padma Patil.

Harry Potter quiz Questions

Q1. You are trapped in a burning building and have only 10 seconds to get out. What will you do?

  • Save myself, my life is the most important.
  • Run and grab my friend who is still in the building.
  • Try to get out but not sure how.
  • Follow everybody else and find the most suitable way

Q2. How would you react if someone picked on your friend?

  • Stand up to them and resolve the problem.
  • Leave them and get out of their way, you don’t want to get yourself into any trouble.
  • Fight against the person and save him.
  • Apologize to the bully and try to run away.

Q3. Your friend has not finished his syllabus and is worried for exam?

  • Give him notes to study and help in studies.
  • Scold him on being careless.
  • Find out the question paper before exam and cheat.
  • Laugh on his condition and do your on studies.

Q4. You have to present and make a group presentation, What will you do?

  • Help in tasks,manage group and do your best.
  • Rely on the group to finish the task and just relax.
  • Do all the stuff and quarrel over your peers not helping.
  • Do a little of everything.

Q5. When you die, you hope to..

  • Leave enough money and wealth for your family to be comfotable.
  • Have learned everything you know.
  • Fulfilled all your dreams and wishes.
  • All the people remember you asa good person and set an example.

Q6. What you do to achieve your goals?

  • Find help from others, learn from past experiences of their and take guide.
  • Wait for the availability of time to start the preperations.
  • Even breaking the laws if necessary.
  • Be consistent with my methods and work religiously.

Q7. Which of the following fascinates you the most?

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air

Q8. What do you want to have as your superhero power?

  • Become invisible and sneak into teacher’s cabin for your own benefit.
  • Teleportation, to travel around with your friends.
  • Read minds.
  • Know all of the knowledge of the world.

Q9. If you had to select a class monitor?

  • Choose the student with best academic performance.
  • Choose the student who is most popular.
  • Choose a student is good in acadmiec, sports and fairly popular among student.
  • Choose a student for your own benefits.

Q10. How would your friends describe you?

  • Reckless
  • Hardworking
  • Loyal
  • Witful

Q11. What would you do if a teacher scolds you?

  • Introspect and correct the mistake, she scolds students for the better good.
  • Plan a revenge to insult her.
  • Just let it go and carry on with your work.
  • Tolerate enough and burst out if goes on for longer.

Q12. What activites you like the most to do with your friends?

  • Going out to play a sport.
  • Chill and watch televisions.
  • Annoy the neighbours with ringing their bells and running.
  • Go out for movies and food.

Q13. Your friend uses a magic trick so that you score less marks in your exam because he was angry with you, what would you do?

  • Find new friends, his company is not necessary.
  • Confront him privately and do not tell the teacher because he could get expelled.
  • Work harder for the next exam and apologise to him.
  • Tell the teacher, take revenge and make him pay for his deeds.

Q14. Some fifth year students are picking on first year students, you are third year what will you do?

  • None of my business, don’t get involved.
  • Join them and bully the student too.
  • Feel bad and just move on as they will pick on you as well.
  • Stand up for the kid.

Q15. If given a choice which house would you pick?

  • Gryffindor
  • Slytherin
  • Ravenclaw
  • Hufflepuff.

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