How to Activate Vudu on Smart TV?

When it debuted in 2007 as a set-top box (Vudu box), Vudu was the first on-demand platform to provide digital movies in high definition. Vudu now has over 200,000 movies and TV shows available for rental or purchase. With the Vudu app, you only pay for the content you view, eliminating the need for a monthly membership cost. Pricing also varies with the kind of media and the quality of the streaming service (HD or SD). Start up the VUDU app and play all the rented films.

Follow our steps to launch the Vudu app on your Smart TV. For instance, we detail steps like “How to activate Vudu on Smart TV” and provide links to the Vudu app for direct download. We’ve also included information on how to install the Vudu app on your Smart TV through media players.

Vudu on Smart TV

Smart TV with the Vudu app

Vudu provides a safe and convenient way to store and stream your digital media library. Download or stream films in up to 4k UHD quality, and choose from among thousands of available films for free. The Vudu app is available for Smart TVs via the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Microsoft Store. As you can see, a wide variety of gadgets are compatible with Vudu.

  • Some of the most popular brands of Smart TVs include Vizio, Samsung, and LG.
  • Playstation, Xbox, and Nvidia game consoles are all good places to watch it.
  • Vudu can be streamed on Smart TVs with services like Roku, Xfinity, Chromecast, Amazon Prime Video, and TIVO.
  • It’s compatible with PCs running Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, Android, and iOS.
  • Enjoy Vudu with your favourite Blu-Ray player from brands like Vizio, Samsung, and LG.

Vudu Subscription Price for Smart TV

Vudu on your Smart TV requires a paid membership since it is a subscription-based streaming service. Also, the subscription price is shown down below.

  • One-time rentals might cost anything from $0.99 to $5.99.
  • Prices range from $4.99 to $24.99 for movies.
  • Single episodes of TV shows cost between $1.99 and $2.99.
  • Price ranges from $16.99 for individual episodes to $44.99 for whole seasons

Steps to get Vudu on Smart TV

To get the Vudu app for your Smart TV, just do what I say below.

  • Connect your Smart TV to a reliable WiFi network to eliminate pauses in playback.
  • To access the main menu of your Smart TV, hit the “Smart Hub” button on the remote.
  • The “Apps” area is accessible from the Home screen; just browse to it using the touch screen’s virtual buttons and tap the OK button to launch the desired application.
  • Access the Vudu app by searching for it using the Smart TV’s “Search icon,” which may be found in the upper-right corner of the display. Begin entering “Vudu” into the search box of your remote’s on-screen keyboard.
  • Click on the highlighted “Vudu app” in the search results.
  • Download and setup – Finally, choose “Download” to get the “Vudu app” on your Smart TV.

How to Setup Vudu on Smart TV?

Following the app’s installation on your smart TV, you must now activate Vudu.

  1. If you want to watch videos on your Smart TV without interruptions, you need to hook it up to a reliable internet source.
  2. To access the apps for your Smart TV, go to the menu by pressing the corresponding button on your remote.
  3. Click on the Vudu icon – Choose Vudu from the list of available applications, and then confirm your selection by clicking “Ok.”
  4. Pick one of the following:
  • Existing users, please log in. The next step is to enter your login information into the app.
  • To get started, please create an account with the Vudu app using the following information.

Launch the Vudu app on your Smart TV and register. Make sure to write down the “Activation code” that appears on your TV screen throughout the activation process. Then, access the Vudu website from any device’s browser. To use the supplied code, go to the top of the official website and click the link. And last, complete your Vudu account setup by entering your details. If you do not want to sign up for this service, you may close the app by pressing the “exit” button on your TV’s remote.

  1. After your Smart TV has been activated, you may begin viewing your preferred content.

Alternate ways to Activate Vudu on Smart TV

Earlier, we discussed how to launch the Vudu app on your smart TV. In this article, you’ll learn how to stream the Vudu app on your Smart TV using several techniques.

  • Screencast Vudu on smart TV
  • Use streaming devices to stream Vudu on Smart TV

Screencast Vudu on Smart TV

Here are the procedures you need to do in order to screen cast Vudu to your smart tv.

Chromecasting Vudu on your iOS or Android device

Essentials of casting

  • A Chromecast from Google
  • An HDMI-capable television
  • Access to WiFi on an Android or iOS device


Connect Chromecast’s HDMI cable and turn on the power. Likewise, make sure that both your phone and Chromecast are linked to the same WiFi network.

Process for Making a Screed

  • Launch the Vudu app on your phone, then choose the video you want to cast.
  • The Vudu app’s upper right corner has a cast symbol. Please visit the link and do so. The available devices and their names are then shown in a list by the app.
  • To finish, choose the Chromecast device and then hit the cast button to send the video to your smart TV. For the rest of the steps, your phone may act as a remote.

Casting Vudu from Chrome

You may stream content from Vudu to your Smart TV using your computer’s Chrome web browser.

Necessary Minimums

  • A Chromecast from Google
  • An HDMI-capable television
  • Having WiFi and the Chrome web browser on your PC


  • Launch Google Chrome and go to the Vudu home page.
  • Choose “Cast” from the context menu when right-clicking anywhere on the page.
  • The browser then promptly shows a list of all connected devices along with their names.
  • Click the “Source” button, then pick the “Cast tab” option. Use the “Device” button to cast the current tab to your smart TV. You may now watch your online videos on a large screen.

Using streaming devices to stream Vudu on Smart TV

Vudu can be accessed on many different streaming devices, including the aforementioned Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, TIVO, and Xfinity.


  • You can watch online content from your streaming devices by connecting them to your Smart TV’s network.
  • The next step is to look for the Vudu app in the App Store. Selecting “Download” will start the download process for the Vudu app on your chosen streaming device.
  • After a successful app download, you can pay for a membership to the service with a debit card or PayPal.
  • Now that you’ve subscribed, you can begin enjoying your content on your Smart TV.


We’ve reached the end of “How to activate Vudu on Smart TV,” the article you’ve been reading. Even if each of the instructions we’ve provided is straightforward, you shouldn’t miss any of them. As a result, I advise that you follow these steps to install and activate the Vudu app on your Smart TV.