Rat Terrier – Behavior & Lifestyle

In this Rat Terrier breed manual, we take you through the entirety you need to know about this wise and energetic canine. They are lots of a laugh but allows discover why they will maintain you in your feet!

The Rat Terrier is a bit doggo full of all of the dog appeal and a laugh you could dream of! But don’t let their angelic face and size fool you – this doggy is cheeky (examine, remarkable-naughty), and they continually assume that they’re proper. They also are notable inquisitive and frequently locate themselves in problem. If you can receive their delightfully devilish character, you are sure to find a bestie on this little doggy.

Be positive to research the breed earlier than welcoming one into your house. Because as you would possibly have already guessed, they’re not the dog man or woman that everybody is looking for.

Once you’ve had a Rat Terrier to your life, you likely gained’t be without one again!


American-born and bred, the Rat Terrier is the result of mixing other canine breeds, which includes the Fox Terrier, Bull Terrier, Manchester Terrier, and many extra. Like a handful of dog breeds, he has a protracted-winding records that canine historians can’t agree on. This canine does now not turn away from his position as a rat exterminator – and he’s one of the first-rate round!

By the 1910s and 20s, farmers throughout America started out to combine the original Rat Terrier with other breeds to enhance their searching competencies. In the Midwest they are bred with Whippets to increase their speed in catching jackrabbits. And farmers in Southern and Central America bred them to Beagles to growth their percent mentality and scenting capacity.

Some historians consider that Former President Teddy Roosevelt named the Rat Terrier breed itself, but this is not entirely authentic. He had the short-legged range. In the 90s, the quick-legged pressure became recognized as a breed in its personal proper and aptly named the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier. But many people nonetheless confuse the 2 nowadays.

There are  sizes of Rat Terriers

 miniature and standard – which we’ll pass into more element about below. The miniature is assumed to have come from the advent of the Toy Fox Terrier into the breed. Currently, each sizes are a relatively uncommon breed in America. They are ranked by means of the American Kennel Club (AKC) because the 86th most famous dog out of 2 hundred breeds.


This breed is probably small, however he’s complete of cheeky terrier person. They have super excessive electricity, so he needs an energetic family. The AKC describes him in 3 words as pleasant, lovable, and inquisitive. So, if you are seeking out a comical, pocket-sized pooch to make you smile, you may expect this guy. If you are searching for a docile and laidback puppy, the Rattie is definitely not the only for you.

This is fantastic for unique the kids, and way to their small size, they pose no danger in relation to unintentional bumps or knocking them over. Their insatiable electricity and zest for lifestyles are infectious and lovely.

Size & Appearance

A small-sized dog, this doggy normally measures between 10 and thirteen inches tall, from paw to shoulder. And the standard variety stands among thirteen and 18 inches tall. Both sorts weigh between 10 and 25 pounds.

Despite being small puppies, they’re sturdy in their look. They had been born to work way to their powerful however compact body. They are proportionate of their build, and their neat coat gives them an air of elegance too.

Coat & Colors

Coats are nearly usually immediately in appearance, although some may additionally have a moderate wave along the backline. Some Rat coats are slightly harsh to touch, while a few have a fine coat. Being born with a “no coat” consequences from a genetic defect. The American Hairless Terrier breed was created by their pups.


With an average lifespan of 12 to 18 years, this breed enjoys one of the longest in the dog country! But you have to hold your pooch healthy to ensure an extended life together. It is crucial to feed them the first-rate quality nutrition, maintain them physically and mentally fit with everyday exercise, and live cutting-edge on vaccinations and fitness assessments.

The country wide breed club recommends that breeders display their puppies for the following fitness situations as they’re the maximum not unusual. When running with a breeder, be sure to peer the relevant health certificates. Although the below listing isn’t always exhaustive, it is a fantastic area for capacity proprietors to start their health studies.

As Family Pets

Some highlights of the Rat Terrier. They are:

•A small-sized dog who can stay in homes of all sizes.

•Very active breed with a lot extra strength than the common small dog. These men are not lap puppies via any stretch of the imagination.

•A busy own family who can exercising them each day and hold them mentally inspired at home. Without good enough workout and stimulation, they’ll grow to be unfavorable and naughty.

•Affectionate with their own family and like to snuggle in the evening.

•Vocal, curious, and aloof with strangers, making them high-quality watchdogs.

•Intelligent but very cussed creatures, meaning schooling may be hard.

•Able to live with children if your children are dog-savvy. Older children might be first-rate.

•Known to have a high prey power, they may maintain rodents out of your own home and backyard. But this also means they cannot live with cats or different small bushy creatures, and their recall is unreliable.


The Rat Terrier is a fantastically uncommon dog breed. You’re probable to have the most effective one in the neighborhood. But that isn’t because they’re not worth of a place in the circle of relatives home – a ways from it! Sure, they’re now not all and sundry’s cup of tea. But they are a laugh, lively, and affectionate partners that are also as cute as they arrive!

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