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Qooxi is a free Chinese multimedia software program that lets you view movies and TV episodes. This application has a big library of over 160 million videos. Here you may find licensed movies and TV shows, unique material, and even user-generated films. Qooxi is known as China’s Netflix because of its similar traits. However, unlike Netflix, which offers a diverse selection of content, the bulk of the videos on this app are produced in China. In addition, the audio and subtitles are in Chinese. Users would also have difficulty paying for VIP shows since they need an Alipay account.


What is Qooxi?

Qooxi is a mobile video streaming portal that enables you to watch movies and TV shows. As previously said, it offers a big library of content that is organized in such a way that it is simple to find what you’re searching for. It categorizes the videos by category and offers a search option to help you discover a certain title. Then, all you have to do is touch on the video to start watching it. In addition to licensed movies and videos, Qooxi io hosts documentaries and sporting events. You may also watch concerts on this website. These, on the other hand, are VIP resources that must be purchased in order to be accessed. Furthermore, unlike the free items, these videos cannot be downloaded. 

Furthermore, the app only accepts Alipay and WeChat for subscription payments. Unlike Netflix and other well-known online streaming services, you cannot utilize your credit or debit card account. Qooxi is a Chinese streaming service. As a consequence, China will produce the vast bulk of the material. The videos will also have Chinese audio and, in most instances, Chinese subtitles. The navigation option will also be offered in Chinese characters. If you are inexperienced with the app, it will be difficult to use.

Qooxi Characteristic

  • “Freemium” model – download to obtain free high-quality videos right away.
  • “Premium”model – If you want more videos or a better experience, join up for our membership to get VIP benefits like ad skip, 1080P videos, video First Look, Dolby audio, and so on.
  • Multilingual assistance is provided in the form of a multilingual user interface, subtitles, and a search function.
  • User-friendly UI – A simple and clean layout makes it easier to locate what you’re looking for.
  • Multiple devices – simultaneously watch excellent entertainment on your phone, tablet, and TV.


There are a few things you may try if qooxi.to is up and running but not functioning for you.

Reset your browser to the default settings.

  • When you press Ctrl + F5 at the same moment, your browser will do a thorough refresh of the website. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome should all be able to use this.
  • Make sure you have the most current version of qooxi.to by clearing your browser’s temporary cache and cookies.

Is this still a problem? Use these more sophisticated suggestions to your advantage

  • Make sure you have the most current version of qooxi.to from your ISP by clearing your local DNS cache. Using a command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns and then press Enter on a Windows PC.
  • An alternative DNS service like OpenDNS or Google DNS may be used in the event that your internet service provider (ISP) is limiting your access.
  • Try a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if qooxi.to restricts your access or blocks stuff from you. Most website bans may be circumvented with the use of a VPN.

Fast, secure and private internet connection is now available.

Qooxi Alternative

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4. Dramabox.se – Drama set in Asia. On DramaBox.se, you can watch and download Asian movies and shows in high quality, including Korean Drama Cantonese and China Drama Cantonese, as well as Asian TV shows.

5. Mjimail.com – Enjoy Cantonese drama in Cantonese on mjimail.com by watching and downloading free HK and TVB dramas in Cantonese.

Qooxi.net Website Is Not Working?

Is qooxi.net not working for you? This article is for you if you’ve observed that qooxi isn’t functioning, or if you’ve got an error message saying “Cannot connect to qooxi” In order to run a network independent down or not test, this page is connecting to the qooxi.net domain name’s web server. To see whether the site is up and running, follow these troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, you are out of luck. Learn more about what we do and how we do it here.

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