Pothos Plant – How to Grow?

Over the last few years, houseplants have become a popular fashion, specially amongst more youthful generations and amateur gardeners. While there are many sorts to pick out from, one of the maximum low-maintenance and sought-out species is the pothos plant. If you’ve been eyeing any such beauties, it’s time to find out about the fundamentals of pothos plant care.

Like different flora which include peace lilies and snake vegetation, pothos plant are some of the very best houseplants to develop. They bring a pop of nature into your home and are a first-rate and natural manner to cleanse the air.

If you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to plant care however nevertheless need a few plant partners, then this pothos plant care manual is for you. You’ll learn how to create the best situations to your stunning inexperienced child so it is able to thrive and grow into a wholesome and vibrant plant.


Pothos Plant is often harassed with philodendrons, a plant with similar heart-fashioned leaves. To make certain you’re buying the proper plant, test the plant tags or ask a body of workers member at your neighborhood lawn center.

Pothos flowers own an aerial root system that lets in them to both sprawl throughout wooded area flooring and climb tree trunks because of their exceptional vining skills. In fact, they can grow up to 10 toes lengthy, even indoors!

Due to these characteristics, they’re perfect for putting on pinnacle of bookshelves or adding to putting baskets as they’ll waft down evidently and create beautiful curtains of green foliage. They also can be trained to develop as climbers if given the proper trellis-like shape. Such versatility makes pothos plant appropriate as both outside and indoor plant life.

Toxicity notice: If you have pets, maintain in mind that pothos plant carries calcium oxalate crystals and poisonous proteins, which may also purpose skin and mucous membrane irritation when ingested. Therefore, it’s pleasant to hold those flowers in areas wherein your cat or canine cannot attain. If your cat loves nibbling vegetation, do not forget growing a few cat grass to entertain your bushy buddy and prevent them from chewing the wrong plant.

Pothos Plant Varieties

The pothos plant own family incorporates many one-of-a-kind subspecies, all with comparable water, sunlight, and soil wishes. However, positive pothos sorts have unique necessities. For this motive, it’s important to find out what the ones requirements are earlier than selecting a variety.

While there are lots of pothos plant alternatives accessible, right here are the 4 maximum not unusual types:

Golden Pothos Plant

Golden pothos plant is perhaps the maximum popular and commonplace species located in lawn facilities, and for an excellent motive. According to experts, they may be one of the pinnacle three flora — the others being philodendron and spider plant — which can be best in getting rid of formaldehyde from the environment. This dangerous substance is present in most houses as it’s released by means of many creation materials, such as foam insulation, paint, and polish. Golden pothos is characterized by way of its variegated leaves, that are deep green and dotted with yellowish-gold patches.

Marble Queen Pothos Plant

If you’re seeking out a houseplant with a unusual character, the marble queen pothos plant is your lady. This variety possesses creamy, white streaks that are sprawled over grayish-green leaves. These varieties of pothos plant life tend to grow slower than golden pothos plant and other pothos plant species.

Jade Pothos Plant

Jade pothos plant has uniform dark green leaves free of variegation, which may additionally have its blessings. (More on that during a chunk.) This pothos plant subspecies grows best in low mild conditions, making it best for houses and flats that don’t have a number of natural mild.

Neon Pothos Plant

Neon pothos plant leaves make it smooth with a purpose to distinguish this variety from other pothos plant species. With their vibrant chartreuse-inexperienced coloration and lack of variegation, those vibrant and vivacious vegetation are positive to brighten up the darkest corners of your living space.

Benefits of Pothos Plant

According to Feng Shui, pothos plant life convey wealth and prosperity to your property, which also means they make for stunning and thoughtful items for pals or family contributors who simply moved to a new region. If you understand someone who has a black thumb — the other of green thumb — gifting them a pothos plant can be a exquisite manner to enhance their gardening self belief.

Pothos Plant Care

Over the previous few years, houseplants have turn out to be a famous fashion, specially amongst more youthful generations and novice gardeners. While there are many sorts to pick out from, one of the maximum low-preservation and sought-out species is the pothos plant. If you’ve been eyeing one of these beauties, it’s time to study the basics of pothos plant care.

Like different flora along with peace lilies and snake flora, pothos plant are a number of the perfect houseplants to grow. They convey a pop of nature into your private home and are a extremely good and natural manner to cleanse the air.

If you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to plant care but nevertheless need a few plant companions, then this pothos plant care manual is for you. You’ll discover ways to create the right situations for your stunning inexperienced child so it can thrive and grow into a healthful and vibrant plant.

While pothos plant care is quite straightforward, there are a couple of things you need to maintain in mind earlier than shopping for one. Let’s get started out.

Potting Soil

Unlike greater disturbing flowers, the pothos plant soil wishes are pretty simple. All they want is a good-exceptional organic potting mix that’s light in nature and affords proper drainage, as pothos plant don’t enjoy having “wet toes.”

By imparting them with properly-drained potting soil, you’ll prevent your flowers from growing root rot, a not unusual incidence resulting from too much water and poor drainage.


Sun publicity is one of the maximum important components of pothos plant care, specifically if you select a plant with variegated foliage — inclusive of golden pothos plant or marble queen pothos plant.

While pothos plant normally tolerate low-mild conditions, species that display leaf variegation might also lose their beautiful patterns if they’re in the shade for lengthy intervals. If you’ve sold a pothos plant for its particular leaf layout and need to preserve it, make certain you region it in a spot wherein it has get entry to to bright oblique light.

Pick a location with sufficient light but avoid places with direct sunlight, as this can lead to scorched yellow leaves and plant wilting.


The most important issue of pothos plant care — and the primary motive for premature houseplant death — is water. Or have to we say, overwatering.

While they are native to excessive humidity environments, pothos plant do now not enjoy soggy soil, so that you need to water them accurately. Like most houseplants, they opt to have their soil dry out absolutely between waterings. To check if it’s hydration time, poke your finger about an inch deep into the soil. If  it’s time to water.

the Water your pothos plant until the water seeps out from the pot’s drainage holes. This no longer handiest affords right hydration however additionally enables to flush out salts that can cause root injury. If your pothos pot has a saucer, make certain to discard any residual water to prevent overwatering.

Pothos plant are perfect flora for bathrooms, wherein humidity stages are generally excessive. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the leaves with a water bottle — inside the morning and in the course of warm climate — or area them towards different plant life to inspire lush increase. Since plant life growth humidity inside the air, the nearer your pothos is to different vegetation, the greater humidity it will acquire.

Some gardeners choose to develop pothos flowers in water-stuffed bottles with none soil. This technique is referred to as hydroponics, and has been used for hundreds of years as a cultivation system.

A amusing and sustainable manner to use this technique is with the Back to the Roots Water Garden. This self-watering planter presents the proper, worry-loose surroundings if you want to develop your pothos plant and plenty of other species.


While pothos flora are not clearly prone to computer virus infestations, maintain an eye fixed out for mealy insects. These small, white bugs love to feed on pothos leaves and usually go away in the back of a waxy and powdery residue. If you come upon these annoying creatures, treat your plant with neem oil or truely soak a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and smooth the foliage.

Is this Perfect for Aspiring Gardeners

If you don’t have quite a few time to dedicate to gardening but nevertheless need to bring a bit of nature into your space, houseplants are a notable and low priced choice to spruce up your region.

Pothos vegetation are undoubtedly a super preference if you have zero revel in in gardening and are seeking out a low-protection and drought-tolerant plant which can survive in the hands of even the deadliest plant killers.

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