Poppy Flower – How to Grow?

Poppy flower are native to grow in colder regions and are one of the most beautiful variety of flowers, while opium is of most used material to make synthetic opioids, chemicals and other illegal drugs. In this article we are going to talk about a plant of called “Poppy Flower” and its other types of plant found in the world.

Introduction of Poppy Flower

  • Poppy flower scientific name “PAPAVER SETIGERUM” are beautiful and colorful flower grown across the world.
  • These are grown in annual basis and have a short period of life.
  • Poppy plants are known for their various uses and are a symbol of peace, sleep and death.
  • Poppy flower grows upto a meter length and 15 cm wide.
  • Large flowered poppies are the most popular ones.

Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes
  • Clade: Angiosperms
  • Clade: Eudicots
  • Order: Ranunculites
  • Family: Papaveraceous
  • Sub-family: Papaveraldine
  • Tribe: Papaverae
  • Genus: Papaver

Growth of Poppies

  • Poppy flower are a large group of plants that includes annuals, biennials, perennial and small-evergreen trees and semi shrubs.
  • An annual poppy flower grows upto 5inch wide and 3-5 feet tall.
  • A biennial poppy flower grows upto 6inch to 12inch wide and and 5-8ft tall.
  • A perennial poppy flower grows upto 4-12 inch wide and 1-3ft tall.

Origin of Poppies

  • Poppy plant was used to make opiums early in the days of 5000 B.C in Mesopotamia civilization (Iraq and Kuwait).
  • Poppy plant was of great importance in 6000 BC-3500 BC and was transported along the silk route.

Conditions for Growth

  • Methods of growing poppy plants are generally dependent on type of poppy one wants to grow like Himalayan poppies grow best in moist and acidic soil whereas field poppies can grow in dried soils.
  • The best soil for Poppies to grow is acidic soil which gets well irrigation but also well drained along with ample amount of direct sunlight.
  • Poppy plants require gardens to grow rather thana pot as they grow very wide.
  • Poppy plant seeds are generally sown in early spring and harvested after 80-90 days and flower in the month of may and june.
  • They grow upto 6-12 inch in ideal and proper conditions, Seed sowing takes place at 70-75degree Fahrenheit.

Steps to Plant Poppies

  • Poppy plant is taken out from the pot and a hole of same depth should be dug to keep the plant.
  • The soil should be rich in minerals and organic matter.
  • Water the plant well and remove the unwanted weeds.
  • Annual and Biennial poppies generally come out of seeds and should be sown directly.

Care Required

  • Poppy plants are not the ones that require much of your time to care but regular maintenance is necessary for longer life.
  • Poppy plants require decent watering if excess water is not drained they might get laggy and look unattractive.
  • In poopy flower unwanted and dead flower heads are grown and have to be removed time to time (DEAD HEADING), cut off the stem of the dead flower that is bellow the main flower and shear it.
  • Proper nutrition along with organic matter boost the longevity and attractiveness of the flower.


  • Poppy flower are one of the most attractive flower and the flower part has 4-6 petals and grow 5-10 cms long. They bloom from spring to summer.
  • Poppy flower are seen to grown in red, yellow, violet, white and green.
  • Stamen of flower forms whorl (arrangement of leaves, stamen or carpel that come from one point and surround the stem )in the centre and ovary that fused to many carpels.
  • Poppy flowers help bees to use them as pollen source.

Types of poppies


  • They have a special ability to be able to stand in dry heat and cold nights.
  • Also called as “cup of gold” with cup shaped flower in red, orange and yellow color.
  • These die completely during severe cold conditions as they do not get proper sunlight.
  • Main habitat includes New Mexico, California, Arizona and Nevada. These are also the national flower of California state.


  • Bright colored flowers grown in pink, red and violent in color, with egg shaped flower.
  • This plant requires moist climate with well drained soil rich in organic matter.
  • This poppy is also called as “cultivator”, selective breeding helps in new bright colors of the flower.
  • Their habitat includes areas of tropical and temperate Asia and most of Europe including Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria.
  • They also show as a symbol peace since world war 1


  • This variety of poppy is grown the most and is mostly grown for eating and medicinal purposes.
  • They grow upto 40 inch tall with strong stems hairy with distribution of coarse hair.
  • This is the oldest poppy flower and was also traded in 5000 BC throught the silk route.
  • It is famous for treating asthma, stomach illness, and bad eyesight. These are safe to grow in gardens as they do not produce opium.
  • The great ANGLO-CHINESE WARS on opium plant were fought in 1839 and 1856.


  • They prefer to grow in mild cold and warm temperature of range of 70-75 degree Fahrenheit.
  • They require proper watering and excess watering can result in their death and stems become thin.
  • They grow upto 6-7 inches.
  • These are native to middle east regions like Turkey and Iran.

Uses of Poppy Flower

  • Since ancient times people of various civilizations have used these flowers for their medicinal and health benefits.
  • Poppy is cultivated in many regions currently and managed by international agencies as it a basic material for illegal drugs like heroine, morphine and codeine.
  • These seeds are rich in oil, protein, fats and carbohydrates and are used for remedial purposes of stomach illness and asthma.
  • These are raw material to many cooking oil, and salad dressings.
  • They are also used in different types of paints and cosmetics.


1. Is growing opium illegal?

Opium plant growing is banned in USA under “OPIUM POPPY  CONTROLS ACT 1942” as it used to make heroine, opium tea and other intoxicating substances.

2. Are poppy plants dangerous?

Poppy flowers are used for medicinal purposes to relieve from pain but consumed in excess could be deadly and result in concussions and death.

3. What does Poppy flower symbolizes?

Poppy flowers are grown since 5000BC and have great significance that symbolises Peace,Sleep and death.

4. What does a poppy flower smell like?

Poppy flowers are also a material for many fragnances and have a variety of sweet smells including cocoa, vanilla and cherry blossoms.

5. Is there any country that grow opium legally?

In India, Turkey and Australia opium is grown illegally.

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