Is Euphoria On Netflix: Streaming the Drama Series

Numerous groups of people might place a certain date on the beginning of their Zendaya fixation.

It certainly wasn’t Dune or Malcolm & Marie or Spider-Man: Homecoming. The first thing I did was put on some Euphoria. A remake of the Israeli miniseries of the same name, “The Night Of” premiered on HBO in June 2019 and was created and written by Sam Levinson. Its examination of issues including sex, drugs, social isolation, friendship, and identity clearly resounded with viewers. When the season concluded, viewers were sad to see it go since the programme had starred a talented young ensemble who were able to convincingly depict high school kids. We are relieved to see that the second set of episodes has finally been made available.


It’s a good question to ask since it could interest those who haven’t had an opportunity to learn more about it yet… Is Euphoria on Netflix and can we watch it there?

What exactly is Euphoria?

Euphoria, written by Sam Levinson, is an American version of the Israeli show of the same name. The plot follows a group of complicated teenagers as they deal with interpersonal interactions, numerous self-explorations, and realizations as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. Basically, it contains everything you may think of when you consider “contemporary, actual adolescent angst.” And the cinematography is fantastic. Do you need additional reason to watch the show? At this year’s Emmy Awards, Zendaya won an Emmy for her role as Rue.

Is Euphoria on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the show is not available on Netflix. As Decider points out, if you search for it on Netflix, a few comparable films, like The Kissing Booth 2 and something else called Euphoria, will up in its stead. But don’t be fooled: there is a 2018 Italian film with the same name on the platform.

Where can I view Euphoria?

Euphoria, thankfully, is available for streaming. As of now, HBO is the series’ exclusive home, and all eight episodes of season one are available on HBO and HBO Max. On December 6, you may watch the first of two new episodes on any platform.

Is Euphoria a Netflix Original? The Best Places to See Movies

Euphoria is not currently available on Netflix. Despite this, you may watch episodes of the series online at the following sites:

Beginning with the first season, it is currently accessible in its entirety on HBO Max in the United States. The monthly fee for the bundle without adverts is just $14.99.

The United Kingdom, on the other hand, is now showing all eight episodes of NOW’s inaugural season. They offer new customers a seven-day free trial and charge a monthly subscription of £9.99 for access to their Entertainment Pass.

If you don’t want to subscribe to a streaming service but don’t mind paying to see the programme, season 1 of the show is available on Amazon Video for $14.99 or £9.99. If this fits your scenario, you’ll be relieved to know that you have this alternative. In the same spirit as the streaming options, this means you may indulge in the obligatory second watching.

Season 2 of Euphoria:

The first episode of Euphoria’s second season will broadcast on HBO Max on Sunday, January 9th, 2022 at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The following episodes are set to be released on the platform at the same time every Sunday. It is projected that there would be a total of eight episodes, with the series concluding on February 27th, 2022. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, gets it at the same time as the United States. Due to the significant time difference, the programmes do not reach Sky Atlantic and NOW until Tuesday morning at two a.m.

As a result, you can continue to watch new episodes whenever it’s convenient for you at the same place where you can view the first season.

“It’s Going to Be Devastating At Times”

Zendaya spoke with Teen Vogue about the next adventure and revealed some details about the impending second season (don’t worry, there are no spoilers here).

Zendaya has something to say about her journey:

“I aim to make those individuals proud with our portrayals of Rue [and] where all the characters go,” she continued. But I don’t believe this season will be simple. I doubt it will be entertaining to see. Sometimes.” Hence this article is all set to answer your question, is euphoria on Netflix?