Is DramaCool Safe and Legal to Use?

What is Dramacool?

There is no better Asian drama website than Dramacool. Asian dramas (including k dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwan dramas, and Japanese dramas) are available with English subtitles or captions. Dramacool is now closed due to legal difficulties. There are several phony versions of Dramacool available online. These copies of the genuine site are just as risky as the real.


Why Is Dramacool Illegal?

You may find that you like watching other Asian series and Asian films with English subtitles as much as you do the ones featured on the site. Variety is provided in the form of Korean programmes, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, Hong Kong dramas, and Taiwan dramas. Because it is selling you illegally distributed stuff on its site. This means it’s now an illegal destination. I’m going to presume that you never visit this page. If you want to view Korean dramas, it’s best to pay a membership price to a third-party site. You may either keep using the illegal, or you could hunt for a legal option.

Why should someone visit

This HD section is dedicated to English subtitled Asian dramas, movies, and Korean shows. Everyone has access to the website at no cost. Many people visit our site every month to watch movies and TV shows.

You can catch up on the most recent episodes of your favourite Korean dramas and variety shows. There’s also an upcoming movies area where you may preview films that will soon be released. The next section will help you make sense of all the upcoming films. In case the site is blocked in your country, a VPN might let you access it. There is no better place to seek for Asian dramas and flicks than on this slick website.

The good news is that the subtitles are in English, the video quality is above par, and use is unrestricted. Feature films and television dramas may be seen without risk. However, I always recommend against sharing any private information online. Formerly, only Koreans in Korea watched dramas set on the Korean peninsula. However, in recent years, the fame has grown at an exponential pace.

In addition to Korean drama, several Korean films have gained international acclaim and are often rewatched if they are available with English subtitles. According to user reviews, has a sizable collection of popular Korean films and television shows. Dramacool’s recommended benchmark wouldn’t prevent you from succeeding. The drama’s audio and subtitles are perfectly synched, which is to be commended. This is among the best places to watch South Korean dramas with English subtitles, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Once a programme is involved, it becomes both simple and interesting. Furthermore, compared to many torrent sites, Dramacool may be a risk-free alternative. However, the act itself is unlawful.

What happened to Dramacool?

Here are a few potential explanations for why you may be experiencing difficulties accessing the Dramacool website or using the accompanying mobile app.

  • Unfortunately, the server is currently experiencing a temporary outage.
  • It’s possible that your Internet Service Provider has prohibited access to the page.
  • Perhaps it’s just not being reflected in your nation.
  • You have a network issue.

Attempt to resolve the issues so that it may be used.

When used properly, is Dramacool risk-free?

Using dramacool is risky. Here are some of the details I’ve thought about. Your choice is final.

  • The dramacool site’s owner is trying to keep their identity a secret, as shown by the site’s WHOIS information. Why, therefore, have you been keeping your distance from the public if you have no ill will?
  • There aren’t any reputable or official sites linking back to it.
  • In certain cases, clicking on the site’s advertisements will take you to other adu*t websites.

Although the site itself could be harmless, the content and adverts on it are likely not to be.

Is there any Android or iOS app for dramacool?

Yes, there is a dramacool app for both Android and iOS.

Using dramacool seems like a good idea, so why not?

There is a good reason why you shouldn’t utilise the dramacool site, despite the fact that it delivers a wealth of k-dramas and other Asian dramas.

  • Malware and viruses are likely concealed on such a site and will do damage to your machine if you visit it.
  • You may not even notice if they take information from your computer.
  • They may get your money, credit card information, and other valuables by hacking into your computer.
  • Ads and pop-ups are abundant. Even if you accidentally click on it, you will be sent to a new website.
  • There will be serious consequences if you provide any personal information.

Top 5 Legal Alternatives

We have compiled a list of the top 5 dramacool alternatives that don’t break the law.


This site features a straightforward layout that makes it a breeze to navigate. There, you may look for the shows you need and then view them.

Rakuten Viki

This website is not only an excellent substitute, but it also provides a comprehensive selection of features.

Starting from movies, TV programmes to Korean series, you may discover anything there.

NewAsian TV

We can’t think of a better solution at the moment. Everything you can obtain on dramacool is available here, and more besides.

Starting from Korean series to Chinese series, everything can be discovered here effortlessly.


Numerous new and classic episodes of Korean and other Asian dramas are available here. Unlike the dramacool for everyone site, it does not have bothersome adverts.


Here you may find a wide variety of Asian dramas, including not just Korean but also Chinese and Indian productions. There are also numerous free anime and cartoon series available there.

This site is the second most popular site.

Final Thought

Though it doesn’t cost anything to use the service, there are potential security risks. The advertisements and material on the connected sites are also very risky. This link will take you to some potentially dangerous external sites.

It’s something you should avoid at all costs. And if you don’t, you’ll be in deep danger.