How to Activate Discovery Plus on Smart TV?

The newly released Discovery Plus is getting a lot of buzz, and for good reason: it offers access to more than 55,000 episodes of programming from 25 countries. As an added bonus, Discovery Plus is compatible with a wide variety of devices and operating systems. The following is a helpful tutorial for those who have a TV and would want to activate Discovery Plus on their set-top box. Let’s have a short look at it.

Which Devices are Compatible with Disney Plus?

You may still watch Discovery Channels with your existing subscription to your cable company. The Discovery Plus Streaming platform is a web-based tool that can be installed on any platform that supports it, allowing users to keep their online and offline lives distinct. You may access Discovery Plus even more quickly and easily with the help of the company’s specialised applications for various devices.

Discovery Plus-compatible televisions

  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV (tvOS 12.0 or higher)
  • iPadOS (iOS 12.0 or higher)
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2017 or newer models)
  • Xbox One, Series X & Series S

While a paid subscription may be purchased from inside some of these applications, this is not the case for all of them. Thus, if you want to buy the premium plan, it’s best to do it on a computer, and then all you have to do to watch it on your TV is log in with the same credentials. If the app doesn’t support this functionality, or if the most current version of the app isn’t suited for your platform, you won’t have to be routed to a desktop to complete the transaction. After signing up for the premium service, accessing Discovery Plus on your TV is as simple as following one of the links provided below.

What you need to know to get Discovery Plus up and running

With an Android-powered TV

Most Android Smart TVs have a version of the Play Store preinstalled. Using your Google account, you can access most applications in the Play Store and use them offline. In the event that your Android TV does not support the Play Store, you may still install Discovery Plus with the use of specialized.apk files. There is still no assurance that the platform will work because of hardware and software incompatibilities. Let’s examine several methods for achieving both of these goals.

Using Google’s Play Market

Search for “Discovery Plus” on the Smart TV’s Play Store. Get the app from the search engine and install it. When you’re ready, start the app and sign in using your Discovery Plus credentials. In the event that you do not already have an account, you may create one by entering your email address, Facebook ID, Google ID, Apple ID, or even phone number. Once you’re logged in to Discovery Plus, you can start watching right away by choosing the type of programming you want to see. The Premium upgrade not only removes ads but also gives you access to a curated library of unique content.

It’s important to remember that although the Android TV app does allow for premium content purchases, doing so requires you to use the TV’s remote as the primary input device. Instead, you may upgrade the same account from your smartphone, and the Android TV should pick up the new information.

Using the Android Application Package

The.APK file extension is used to install third-party programmes, both signed and unsigned, on Android devices. It’s a clever approach to run contemporary applications on outdated hardware or on a platform that Google doesn’t officially support just yet. First, let’s have a look at the steps involved.


  • A USB Drive (if you do not have a browser app on your TV)
  • File:Discovery Plus.apk | Direct Download
How to Activate Discovery Plus on Android TV?

First, you’ll need to get the apk file onto your Android TV. If you have a browser app for your TV, you may use the URL above to download the file straight to your TV. If you don’t have a smart TV, you may still watch the file by downloading it to a USB drive and plugging it into your TV. After the.apk file has been downloaded to local storage, you may install it on your Android TV by using the File Manager app. We may now run the apk file that we obtained by going to its appropriate location. With that out of the way, Android will go to work installing Discovery Plus on your Android TV. To start using the service, all you have to do is activate the app and enter your login details.

For use with Amazon’s Fire TV

The aforementioned are all the Discovery Plus-compatible Amazon Fire devices. Before following this tutorial, make sure your gadget can run Discovery Plus.

How to Activate Discovery Plus on Amazon Fire TV?

When you turn on your Fire device, it should automatically load the default home screen. You may now look for Discovery Plus by using the aforementioned search bar or the voice search function of your remote. When the app appears in the search results, choose it. It’s time to choose “Get” and click it. Amazon will immediately begin downloading and installing the software. Discovery Plus may be accessed from your Amazon Fire device after setup is complete. You may now join up for Discovery Plus using your current Google, Facebook, Apple, or phone number accounts. If you’ve already registered or logged in, you should be able to access all of Discovery Plus’s content.

In front of an Apple TV

Setting up an Apple TV requires nothing in the way of manual effort. First, let’s have a look at the steps involved.

How to Activate Discovery Plus on Apple TV?

To access the App Store from the home screen of your Apple TV, power it on. Move on to finding Discovery Plus. When the app appears in the search results, choose it. Voice search may also be used to locate the app. To download Discovery Plus, go to the store’s installation page. In this step, the app is transferred to your Apple TV. The wait time is variable and is affected by both the generation of Apple TV and the speed of your internet connection. Discovery Plus’s whole library is available immediately after installation with only a username and password.

In Roku players

Discovery Plus appears as a channel on Roku devices just like any other app. If you have a Roku streaming media player, you may access Discovery’s extensive library of shows and movies by downloading and installing this app.

How to Activate Discovery Plus on Roku TV?

When you power up your Roku player, the home screen will load automatically. Using the Roku remote, go to the left sidebar, and then choose “Streaming Channels.” Here’s a rundown of all the stations your Roku can stream. Select ‘Search Channels’ further down the page. Use your Roku’s search function to look for “Discovery Plus.” Once you start typing the name of the app, it should appear in the search results. Go ahead and use the search bar to find the app listing, and then click on it. To add Discovery Plus to your Roku, click the “Add Channel” button. After Discovery Plus has been added, all you have to do is click the “Go to Channel” button. After you sign up for or log into Discovery Plus, you’ll have access to everything the service has to offer.

Through Samsung’s Smart TVs

If you own a Samsung TV, you can also use the instructions below to watch Discovery Plus on your TV. To finish the set up, you will need a Samsung account.


  • Your Samsung Smart TV and a Samsung Account that is signed in
How to Activate Discovery Plus on Samsung TV?

Power on the set and hit the little magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the on-screen menu. You can now look for Discovery Plus and find the app in the results. You can access the catalogue of available apps by selecting Discovery Plus. Select ‘Install’. If you don’t have a Samsung account set up on your TV, then you will be prompted to create one immediately. If the account is already created, the programme will begin downloading automatically. After everything is set up, click “Add to Home” to have Discovery Plus always at your fingertips. To access Discovery Plus, click the “Open” button. Access all of Discovery Plus’s programming right from your Samsung TV by logging in or signing up for an account.

Through the use of an Xbox

Not only is Xbox a great gaming platform, but it also supports the installation of a wide variety of programmes through the Microsoft Store. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll want to use a gadget in addition to your TV for your media-viewing needs. Let’s check out the Xbox Discovery Plus setup process.

How to Activate Discovery Plus on Xbox?

Please activate your Xbox. Go to the “Store” tab over on the right. Click the ‘Search’ link under the ‘Categories’ area, which may be found far to the right. You may now search the app’s name, “Discovery Plus,” in the store’s search bar to locate it. If you want to get directly to the Xbox Store page for an app, just click on its result in the search. To get the app for free on your Xbox, tap the button labelled “Get it Free.” A warning about Discovery Plus’s in-app purchases will now be shown on Xbox. To finish the installation, click the “Confirm” button. That’s all there is to it!

Now that you’ve added the app to your queue, it should begin downloading immediately. The time required to wait will vary based on the number of active background downloads on your Xbox and the speed of your internet connection. Navigate to “My Apps and Games” from the homepage, then open “Discovery Plus” from the app list. Please log in below using your existing account information or join Discovery Plus to gain access to all of Discovery’s premium content.

Final Words

My sincere wish is that you were successful in quickly and simply installing Discovery Plus on your TV. Please let us know in the comments if you run into any difficulties or have any more inquiries.