German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

German Shephard dogs continue to be the top-rated dog breeds in America. As the name says, the German Shepherds got their origin in Germany Country. It was named in the late 1800s.

In the year 1907, the very first dog of the breed German Shepherd was brought up in the United States. Then the breed got acknowledged a year later i.e., in 1908 by American Kennel Club.

Subsequently in 1913, the breed of German Shepherds was awarded the first championship due to which the breed became pretty popular in the United States.

The German Shepherd breed Personality-

German Shepherds have a beautiful appearance, incomparable character, and great intelligence. German Shepherds breed dogs are the most magnificent dogs of all time. They stand out for having a wide and wedge-shaped heads. They have the most extensive features and the one that catches the most attention. In the upper part of the head are the medium-sized ears erect and pointed.

The height at the withers is 60 to 65 CM for males and 55 to 60 CM for females. The tail is long and can reach the hawk when it hangs at rest.

According to the official standard of the German Shepherd, the coat corresponds to a double layer of internal fur. The outer fur should be as dense as possible, straight hard, and well attached to the body among the colors of the German Shepherd, we find solid black and tan yellowish can even grey in various shades.

The German Shepherd Character-

The character of the German Shepherd is balanced, confident, alert, trustworthy, versatile, very smart, and reliable. Moreover, the courage of these dogs is legendary as is their defense instinct. But courage and defense are not the same as aggressiveness and danger although.

The German Shepherds tend to be somewhat distrustful of strangers they are not an aggressive dog breed by nature. On the contrary, they tend to be alert but do not attack without the reason.

The German Shepherd is easy to doctor trained and reaches its full potential when trained through positive reinforcement.

Diet for German Shepherd-

Often people say that we are giving dog food, royal canine or pedigree….Or we are also giving calcium or multivitamin, and all these things are also available in the market but….

So, check for the requirement of your pup according to his body weight or according to his fitness, how active your pup is and how much exercise you get him to do or walk, or how much you take him to play, all these things also matter? So balanced calcium, vitamins, minerals, and liver is also very important in its balanced food.

Care guide for German shepherd-

They are fantastic mates for any home that gives them genuine care and regard. It is not a job that can spend long hours alone, it needs a life partner to stimulate some constantly.

German Shepherd can adapt to living in an apartment but they need a lot of exercise in long walks. They are swift and active and need to exercise their muscles outdoor, a small garden can help sustain the dog’s health.

The training of the dog is also mandatory to help expand the intellectual capacity of the dog. To keep the coats of the German Shepherd in good condition is not that much tough as it does not require special cuts.

However, this breed sheds lots constantly so daily brushing is important. To protect the natural hairs of the German Shepherd, frequent bathing of the dog should be avoided. Bathing them once in two months is enough.

Training a German Shepherd-

Dogs are all about love and loyalty. Give them all the love, and you will get it back. Education of a German Shepherd or any other dog should be done in a positive prop up.

German Shepherds are excellent dogs with whom to work education and obedience.

Their natural leading capability and intelligence make it unavoidable for us to want to discover and explore. All their abilities as with all existing dog breeds, the puppy’s education will have a major impact on the future adult German Shepherd. That is why, it will be essential to work quickly in the development of dog socialization, stimulation of the senses, and intelligence games. A good pedagogy will help us keep away from the appearance of misdeeds of the dog.

 In their education and training, we must include many environmental enrichment sessions, all based on positive reinforcement. The substantial vogue of the breed has led to the uncritical breeding of the German Shepherd for entirely commercial purposes. This procedure has hurt therefore the breed.

 The health of the German Shepherd-

Due to uncritical breeding, the German Shepherd is prone to some hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, digestive problems epilepsy chronic eczema carrier. Titus has inflammation of the cornea and dwarfism, despite offering good care to this dog breed, visiting the vet every six months to deworm them, and following their vaccination schedule.

The reason why German Shepherds are one of the best Dog breeds-

German Shepherds are one of the finest defender dogs. German Shepherds are so good at guarding that, police from all over the world prefer German Shepherds for suspicion.

German Shepherds are very much loyal to their owners, if their owners get in any trouble, German Shepherds are avid to fighting or saving their owners, even if it would cost them their own life, that’s why German Shepherds are best in the category of loyalty!

German Shepherd is one of the best family dogs, you can pet a German Shepherd even if you have little children in your home as it is one of the best family dogs.

They are good for a first-time owner too, as long as they have been given proper socialization.

German Shepherds are very active dogs. Their energy level is very high. They are the third most intelligent dog in the world.   

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