eshram – How to apply for Shram Card?

Register online at E-Shram The Central Government has launched E-Shramik Portal For workers in the unorganized sectors. The portal provides the central government with access to all labor records within the country. Construction workers and migrants, street vendors, domestic workers Register for this portal. A Universal Account Number (UAN), 12 digits. eshram Cards The visa is available for 38 million workers in unorganized sectors. This visa is valid across the whole country.

This administration drive will give a shiny new personality to the countries a huge number of disorderly workers. The portal will allow workers to sign up once and be able to access the Government of India Social Security Scheme.


What is eShram Yojana?

This scheme was started by the central governments. It collects data on workers in all sectors of the country. It is a national database. National Database of Uncategorized Workers. Here all information will be available about unorganized workers. The Eshram Card Scheme will allow workers from unorganized sectors to take part in any scheme that is initiated by the central governments. Workers from unorganized areas will be assisted by the state government to ease the operation of any central government scheme. Plus, they’ll be there faster.

To make e-shram card, then, at that point, you can apply by visiting the authority site Only need to bring your Aadhar cards. Follow these steps to create an e-shram card.

How to register Online for your E-Shram Card

  • Self-registration using e-shram portal
  • Registrations can only be made through Common Service Centers.
  • Registration can be taken care of by the regional office within the state’s sub-districts.

How can Online Application to Apply for EShram Card

E-SHRAM Portal Scheme is a scheme that provides welfare to workers from unorganized sectors as well as laborers in coordinated ones, has been sent off in India by the Indian government.

Pradhanmantri Narendera Modi launched ESHRAM. PradhanMantri Narendra Modi’s Ministry of Labor and Employment in India launched ESHRAM. It allows workers to be tracked and gathered information.

The data will enable you to launch new programs, develop new policies, or create more jobs for workers in the organized sector.

E-Shram applicants will receive the Unique Identification Number card. This card is provided to them by the Department of Labor and Employment. CSC Seva Kendra registrations may be done online if you’re interested in applying for an EShram card.

E Shramik cardholders are also able to register their mobile phones using the Aadhar card-linked number.

  • Update online and download online at
  • Financial support
  • Social security benefits
  • More job opportunities
  • The wave in premiums for the last year
  • Bima Yojana coverage
  • Check migrant workers’ workforce
  • Documents are Required
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Ration card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Aadhar number is connected to the portable number

E Shram Card eligibility criteria

  • Age should not be higher than 16-59
  • Do not join EPFO/ESIC
  • Should not be an income-taxpayer
  • Work in unorganized fields

 Who can use E-Shramik Cards?

The Union Ministry of Labor and Employment, (UMLE), will issue a 12-digit Universal Account Number (UAN), to roughly 38 million workers living in unorganized regions. This will allow for the transfer of welfare programs and workers will be able to access many useful schemes in times of crisis. Register on this portal to access more than 38,000,000 workers that aren’t organized. These incorporate agrarian laborers, transient specialists, gig laborers, and so forth

What is the E-Shram Card’s Benefits?

Workers in the unorganized sector will enjoy the e–shram card program. Registering employees on the online e-shram portal will be eligible to receive Rs 2 Lakh accident insurance. A premium of one year will be provided by the government. For registered employees who are injured in an accident, Rs 2 Lakh can be awarded for death or total disability. One million rupees is available for those who are handicapped through a scheme that covers them.

Toll-free Phone Number of EShram Port [E¬Shram helpline Number]

E Shramik Helpline number A Sharam portal toll-free phone number will be provided for workers. He stated that unorganized workers can register the day after the portal is launched. A national E Shram Portal telephone phone number 14434 was also created to aid workers in their registration.

  • Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav launched eShram Card program on 26 August 2021.
  • This scheme was created to collect data from 38 crore unorganized sector workers.
  • Workers who work in the unorganized sectors will have direct access to various services.
  • This portal will connect domestic and daily wage laborers to one platform.
  • All registered laborers will be given a 12 digit UAN Number.


We hope you find all the information that you need to understand the E Shram Portal. We welcome comments in the area. Assuming we have any inquiries, we’ll get in touch with you right away.


How to Apply Online using eShram Portal [E-Shramik Cards]

  • Visit the official page of e-shram portal
  • Next, click on “Registration with eShram”, and then go to the homepage.
  • After that click on Self Registration
  • For self-registration, the user will need his/her Aadharlink Mobile number.
  • Enter the manual human test beneath to see whether they are a part or not of the Employees Benefit Fund Organization.
  • Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), choose the option and then click on Send OTP.
  • Enter your bank account details. Continue the registration process.
  • To register for eSHRAM, the worker must complete these steps
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Mobile number, Aadhaar linked
  • Bank account

Notification – Workers without Aadhaar linked mobile numbers may visit CSC’s nearest location to register for Biometric authentication.

How would I sign in online at E Shram Portal?

  • To log in, first visit the official site. Whose link is –
  • On the home page, click on the option of Self-Registration.
  • Once you select the next page, it will open.
  • This will ask you to enter your mobile phone number which is linked to the Aadhar cards.
  • Next, fill in the captcha codes.
  • After documenting, select the choice of YES/NO for EPFO/ESIC.
  • Click send OTP’.
  • Now you will get an OTP. You will now receive an OTP.
  • Enter your Aadhar Card # and consent to the Terms and Conditions. Then click the Submit button
  • The application form will open before you.
  • After filling in all required documents, upload them.
  • After completing it, click on submit. You can also take a printed copy of the application for future reference.
  • After this, your registration will take place on E Shramik Portal.

Who can sign up for the eshram portal

  • An unorganized worker is someone who is between 16 and59 years old but is not a member of EPFO/ESIC/NPS.
  • Only agricultural laborers are eligible to register on the portal e-shram. Different ranchers can’t register on the e-shram entry.

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