Earth day quiz

Earth Day Quiz is an annual occasion that raises cognizance of environmental problems. It takes location on twenty second April every 12 months and objectives to inspire humans everywhere in the global to do so. The subject of Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet. See what you may do to contribute to Earth Day this 12 months! And why now not positioned your information to the test with our Earth Day quiz?

Earth day quiz

After all, Earth Day is all approximately growing our expertise of our planet and the troubles it faces.

Earth Day Quiz is an interactive sport that checks your understanding about the surroundings and Earth Day. The game consists of questions that get regularly harder. You can pick to play by your self or with buddies. Playing with buddies is a brilliant manner to learn more approximately each different and feature some amusing even as you’re at it

Earth day quiz is a fun on-line quiz that is best for each person who wants to research more about the environment. It incorporates questions on topics such as climate exchange, recycling, and power conservation. You can also take the quiz to learn about your very own private environmental footprint. It is a superb way to find out about the troubles that are vital to you and to get involved inside the global conversation about the surroundings.


The earth day quiz is open to all of us who wants to play. It’s a remarkable manner to study extra approximately the earth and how to shield it. Plus, it’s simply undeniable a laugh! To take the quiz, visit the our website and click on on the Earth Day link.


To play the quiz, you’ll want to reply questions on the surroundings. For each query, you’ll have 3 answer selections. After you answer a question, you’ll be given feedback about your answer. Once you’ve replied all 5 questions, you’ll discover how tons of the planet you’ve stored! We wish this quiz will help you research greater about the way to defend our planet and take small steps to make a distinction.

  • Go to browser and search Earth Day quiz.
  • Answer all the questions inside the quiz to earn points.
  • The quiz will give up after a sure quantity of questions had been spoke back and the player with the maximum factors might be the winner!


To play the earth day quiz, you’ll first want to register together with your email address or Facebook account. Then, you could pick among the smooth and tough variations of the quiz. The clean quiz has 10 questions, even as the hard quiz has 20.

 If you get a query wrong, you’ll be caused to try again. You can also choose to bypass questions, but you’ll lose points for doing so. At the cease of the quiz, you’ll be proven your effects and how you evaluate to different gamers. Best of success!


So, how do you win Earth Day quiz? Well, it’s now not as difficult as you might think. First of all, make sure you’re the use of the maximum updated version of the quiz. If you’re having trouble with a selected query, strive checking the solution key for assist. You can also use the suggestions which can be furnished at some stage in the quiz. If all else fails, you can usually ask a friend for assist. And ultimate but no longer least, don’t forget about to have amusing!

Take our Earth Day quiz

Write down your answers and test them in opposition to our accurate ones on the cease. No peeking! We’ve also thrown in some records approximately us, so that you can learn as you cross. Quiz your self or form groups. May the greenest quizzer win…

Food waste

1.Approximately how many of food is wasted global?

2.What are food miles?

3.Name a few locations/ranges of food production and consumption where food waste occurs.


4.         What does ‘net-0’ suggest?

5.         The UK government has devoted to creating Britain a net-0 kingdom by using what date?

Plastic waste

6.Is the arena efficaciously reducing its plastic production?

7.You may already recognise that in case you want a plastic bag in your shopping inside the UK, you’ll want to shop for one for 10p. This become implemented as an try to lessen plastic waste — but has it labored?

Earth Day quiz answers

Food waste

1.Approximately 30% of meals never receives eaten, it simply is going to waste. This might seem like lots — and it is! Food waste occurs at every point in the food deliver chain.

We’re proud to recycle a hundred% of our meals waste via-merchandise from. What isn’t suitable for our Ugly But Good Bags is used to make other merchandise. For example, leftover cacao shells pass into our body scrubs and the pulp shall we us make our cacao-infused spirits. And the rest? It’s changed into animal feed! Learn more about how we’re preventing meals waste.

2.How are we decreasing our food miles?

 Unfortunately, as the UK doesn’t have the important tropical weather for growing cacao, we need to import it. However, to reduce our food miles, we use sea freight (in place of air). For us, that is the delivery choice with the lowest carbon footprint.

We additionally use minimum packaging to lessen weight and quantity for transit. We percent our lorries as successfully as possible to fit more inner (which means fewer deliveries) and plan our shipping journeys carefully to apply the shortest routes to lessen carbon emissions. Learn greater approximately our food miles coverage.


4.‘Net-zero’ method reaching a stability between the carbon that a business enterprise, country (or the sector) emits into the ecosystem, and the carbon eliminated from it. Right now, international human interest is adding more carbon to the environment than we are casting off from it.

On a enterprise degree, a commercial enterprise has completed net-zero emissions if its practices aren’t adding extra carbon to the environment than it’s miles removing.

5.The UK government has committed to creating Britain a internet-0 state by using 2050.

To show our assist, we’ve additionally dedicated to creating ABC  a internet-0 organisation via 2030. Learn how we’re lowering our power usage.

Plastic waste

6.No, unluckily plastic production isn’t reducing. Quite the other. The global’s plastic manufacturing is ready to double by using 2050.

To us at ABC , that is concerning. To do our bit, we’re making all our packaging recyclable or reusable by the cease of 2022 (that’s right, this yr). We’re proud to be a part of the UK’s first round economy for plastic and we’ve eliminated all black plastic from our packaging.

Ways you can help

Has our Earth Day quiz inspired you to do so? There are various approaches that you may do your bit for the planet. Big or small, every step contributes to a high quality exchange.

Food waste

Only purchase what you need from the grocery store. Try to devise your meals ahead of time so food doesn’t turn out to be going off within the fridge. If you watched some of your food at domestic might go to waste,

Climate trade

Why now not make a private climate alternate pledge to lessen your carbon footprint? Learn approximately your carbon emissions and don’t forget a few way of life changes.


Minimise your contribution to pollutants with the aid of using much less, shopping for less plastic, and shopping at zero waste stores in which possible. Consider becoming a member of nearby clear-up agencies if litter is an trouble for your community.

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