Bull Terrier – Height, Weight & Color

Bull Terrier is a strongly built, muscular dog. The body is well rounded with a brief, sturdy returned. The head is lengthy and sturdy, oval-looking in shape, almost flat on the pinnacle, sloping calmly all the way down to the nose without a forestall. The nostril is black. The eyes are almond-fashioned, small and deep-set, darkish in colour.  ears are small, thin and close together. The long neck is very muscular, with sturdy shoulders. The tail is ready low and on the fast facet, carried horizontally. The coat is dense, quick, flat and harsh to the touch. The AKC acknowledges two shade sorts, the White Bull Terrier and the Colored Bull Terrier. The White Bull Terrier is allowed to have coloured markings on the top, but nowhere else on the body. The Colored Bull Terriers may be black, brindle, blackbrindle, crimson, fawn and tricolor with white markings.


Though breed become as soon as a fierce gladiator, he’s much gentler now. A Bull Terrier might have a preventive impact and it might guard its proprietor in a clearly vital state of affairs, however it isn’t bred to be a guard canine. Courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless, the Bull Terrier is a faithful, polite, and obedient dog. They turn out to be very connected to their owners. The Bull Terrier prospers on company, regular leadership and affection and makes a excellent family puppy. Bull Terriers want to be doing some thing and in shape in well with active families wherein they receive a high-quality deal of companionship and supervision. They do now not do nicely in conditions wherein they’re left alone for 8 hours an afternoon. With the proper kind of owner this breed is a pleasure to very own, however not endorsed for maximum households. Fond of each grownups and children, but in the event that they do now not get sufficient physical and intellectual workout they may be too energetic for small youngsters. Children ought to be trained a way to show leadership toward the canine. Meek proprietors will locate them to grow to be very protective, willful, possessive and/or jealous. Bull Terriers can also try to be part of into own family roughhousing or quarrel. They need very corporation training and masses of workout. Bull Terriers should accept a number of structure, or they may come to be adverse. Be positive to socialise them nicely and stay their leader 100% of the time, in any other case, they can be extraordinarily competitive with other dogs. Unaltered males may not get along with other male puppies. They aren’t advocated with different non-dog pets along with rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. They make amazing watch dogs.  breed can be quite difficult to train.

Height & Weight

Standard Bull Terrier

Height: 20 – 24 inches (fifty one – sixty one cm) Weight: 45 – 80 pounds (20 – 36 kg)

Miniature Bull Terrier

Height: 10 – 14 inches (25 – 33 cm) Weight: as much as 24 – 33 pounds (eleven – 15 kg)

Common Health Problems

Prone to slipped patella (dislocation of the kneecaps), coronary heart defects, kidney failure and pores and skin and flea allergies. Prone to suffer from a zinc deficiency, that may reason dying. Gains weight without difficulty. Do not overfeed. White Bull Terriers are at risk of deafness.

Living Conditions

Bull Terriers do well in an condominium if they are sufficiently exercised. They are fairly energetic interior and a small yard will do. They prefer heat climates.


This breed desires vigorous daily exercise, which includes a daily, long walk. The Bull Terrier has an inclination to emerge as obese and lazy if it is not nicely exercised.

Other Quick Facts

•The Bull Terrier is available in two varieties: white and colored. They are exhibited in separate instructions at canine indicates but are otherwise the identical breed. A coloured Bull Terrier named Rufus (Ch. Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid) gained Best In Show at Westminster in 2006, the primary of his variety to do so.

•When you look at a Bull Terrier, you spot a sturdy, muscular dog with a protracted oval head that resembles an egg (specially inside the white variety). Small skinny ears factor upward, and small darkish eyes with a piercing glint are sunken into the pinnacle. A short tail, thick at the foundation and tapering to a quality point, is carried horizontally

Bull Terriers have appeared in masses of films, ranging from “one zero one Dalmatians” and “Best in Show” to “The Mask” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

•The simplest currently diagnosed breed with triangular eyes is the Bull Terrier.


All dogs have the capacity to broaden genetic health troubles, just as every person have the potential to inherit a selected sickness. Run, don’t walk, from any breeder who does not provide a health guarantee on dogs, who tells you that the breed is 100 percentage healthful and has no recognised issues, or who tells you that her dogs are isolated from the principle a part of the household for fitness reasons. A legitimate breeder can be sincere and open about fitness issues in the breed and the incidence with which they arise in her lines. The Bull Terrier is fairly wholesome, however genetic health troubles that have been seen in the breed consist of coronary heart disorder, deafness, luxating patellas and eye problems, such As Ectropion and Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca, or Dry eye.

In the desire of controlling the genetic sicknesses that already affect the breed and stopping any new ones from emerging, the Bull Terrier Club of America participates in a program managed with the support of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). Before a Bull Terrier can emerge as CHIC-certified, the breeder ought to submit assessments evaluating the canine for deafness, heart ailment, knee issues and kidney sickness.

 Additionally, the BTCA’s code of ethics recommends genetic checking out for all puppies who can be used for breeding. Bull Terriers can suffer from a high fee of hypersensitive reactions that can motive skin itching and secondary infections, along with ear infections.

Remember that when you’ve taken a new doggy into your home, you have got the strength to protect him from one of the most commonplace health problems: weight problems. Bull Terriers are large eaters so it’s important to keep a watch on their weight. Keeping a Bull Terrier at the ideal weight is one of the easiest approaches to extend his lifestyles. Make the most of your preventive abilties to assist make certain a healthier dog for life.

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